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We, at Santral Art, have started 2020 by setting up our first Workshop which has been a remarkable achievement both for us and the participants.

Chris Edmund’s Workshop:

As part of the Australian High Commission’s 50th Anniversary of Bilateral International Relations with Mauritius, Santral Art presents Acting, Script Writing and Directing Workshop by Chris Edmund as a strategic initiative to help develop the Mauritian Performing Arts sector with clear Mauritian state-driven development in the Cinema and Mauritian private sector-driven development of Arts Centres or Performance Venues. Furthermore, Santral Art, as an economic and cultural actor believes in research and development of new models for sustainable endeavours in the Creative Arts industry, with Chris Edmund’s experience and international network supportive of the intent as an impactful first step.
The workshops have focused on the craft and the base of Theatre as the 55 participants, from beginners to professionals, have explored the fundamentals of three different aspects of theatre; Acting, Script Writing and Directing.